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A Dying Liver: 11 Warning Signs


The liver plays a crucial role in cleansing the body of toxins, metabolizing medications, absorbing nutrients, and a wide variety of other functions. If we fail to monitor the functioning of this essential organ, it may eventually result in the organ’s death. Here are eleven warning indications that your liver may be in trouble, especially if they are ignored for an extended period of time.

1. Jaundice
When waste accumulates in our systems and bile pigment enters our bloodstream, a condition known as jaundice can develop. Jaundice is a very uncomfortable condition. Infants are more likely to be affected by this condition, but it can also manifest in adults. This should serve as a major red flag that something is wrong with your liver, and you should take this warning very seriously.

2.Ankles that are swollen
Gravity is responsible for the accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities of the body, such as the feet, whenever there is an issue with the liver, the heart, or the kidneys.

3.Alterations in appetite
Alterations in appetite may have their origins in a variety of underlying causes; however, they may also be caused by your liver. You will have a loss of appetite if your liver is having problems. Or, if you are eating a typical quantity but noticing a significant change in your weight, you should still make an appointment with a medical professional.

This is a very common issue that is associated with problems with the liver. If you experience frequent bowel motions that are loose in consistency, you should never disregard this warning sign.

5.Strange bruises
The liver makes the proteins that are needed for blood to clot. Therefore, when there is a problem with the liver, protein levels drop, which increases the likelihood of bruising and bleeding.

6.Intense tiredness
It’s possible that you have issues with your liver if you feel exhausted on a daily basis at an unusually rapid rate. Because of the accumulation of waste in the liver, oxygen levels drop, which results in a persistent feeling of exhaustion in the body.

7.Dark urine
Examining your pee right before you flush the toilet is an excellent method for determining the state of your liver. You should seek medical assistance if you notice that your urine is black and that your feces are lighter than usual. There are a number of possible explanations for urine that is dark in color, but liver injury is one possibility.

8.Discomfort in the right shoulder
Pain in your right shoulder could be caused by issues with your liver, which is something you might not have expected. When cancer is present in the liver and a tumor is forming, this is typically how things will progress. When the tumor grows in size, it puts a significant amount of pressure on the nerves that are located nearby. If the discomfort is coming from your liver, you may also find that exerting pressure on your stomach makes you more prone to experiencing hiccups.

9.Ache in the stomach
If the discomfort is localized to just your right ribs, you might want to think about scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. It’s possible that your liver is the source of this ache.

10.Having frequent bouts of puking
When our livers are not functioning properly, it is much more challenging for our systems to process the meals and drinks that we consume. Our digestive systems are going to be put under an incredible amount of stress as a result of this. It will also make your stomach feel queasy and enlarged, in addition to the pain that it causes. You will eventually get sick every day until you completely lose your appetite.

11.Changing personality
When our livers aren’t working properly, more poisons enter our bloodstream, and they eventually make their way to our brains. Because of this, concentrating is quite tough, and we have trouble remembering things that we need to. Alterations in sleeping patterns could also take place quite quickly.

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