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Cultures Around The World Stay Healthy With These Diets

Do you want to live longer? Perhaps the answer is looking at the global cultures whose aging residents have the highest quality of life. There is much to learn from their diets—and apparently, a lot to be gained as well. So who are they, and what are they eating? 

1. Japanese Sushi, For Sure

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies worldwide, not to mention low rates of health issues associated with aging. The Japanese diet is made up of large amounts of tofu, fish, garlic, and rice, plus plenty of tea and water instead of sugary, processed drinks. That’s what keeps them healthy!

2. Mediterranean Heart Health

The Mediterranean region is known for its beauty, but its high consumption of fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, olive oil, and red wine has led to better overall health, especially later in life. Could it be because the foods they are eating are known to be related to heart health?

3. Nordic Diets With Low Sugar

In the Nordic region of Scandanavia and Iceland, they must be doing something right in terms of what they are eating. They are so healthy, especially later in life. Their diet is high in fiber, low in sugar. Lots of fruits and vegetables, oily fish, rye bread, and even cheese. 

4. West Africa Makes The Most Of Staples

Maybe we associate Western Africa with a lack of access to food, but there is something to be said for making the most of what you have. Smoked and dried fish, yams, lean meat, cereal staples, and vegetables are keeping them very healthy. Plus, a conspicuous absence of processed foods.

5. France Keeps Portions In Check

The French are known for delicious and luxury cheeses and breads. So, how are they so healthy? The key seems to be in their portion sizes: they keep it small. Also, eating high quality, desireable foods tends to both keep them from overeating and their bellies satisfied for much longer.

6. Whole Foods For Israel

Legumes, olive oil, fish, plus plenty of fruits, vegetables, and spices comprise a large part of the Israeli diet. Most Israelis eat whole fruits and vegetables every day instead of their processed equivalents, which makes a difference.

What diet attributes do they share with the next culture on the list? 

7. Fresh Foods For Southeast Asia, Too

Fresh herbs, fresh seafood, fresh veggies, and using water instead of oil when they cook? Yup, that’s how people in Southeast Asia like to eat. The herbs found in most recipes from this area, like cilantro and Thai basil, are known for being antioxidant-rich, fighting and preventing diseases. 

8. Fermented Vegetables In South Korea

South Koreans have a long life expectancy, much attributed to the traditional diet of this culture. They eat a lot of fermented vegetables like kimchee, which are excellent for gut health. Their primary diet also includes lots of fresh vegetables, eggs, and rice, with only a small amount of meat. 

9. Tropical Fruit For Costa Ricans

The Costa Rican diet has an abundance of tropical fruit that isn’t found in other regions, which are full of Vitamins A and C. In addition to the exotic fruits, they eat a large quantity of eggs, yams, squash, corn, and beans. I’d like to see those recipes!

10. China, Mostly Vegetables

The traditional Chinese diet is made up of two-thirds vegetables, both fresh and stir fried, which include tons of leafy greens. Talk about healthy. They also eat plenty of fruits, whole grains, beans, and seafood, plus ginger and garlic galore.

Meanwhile, the “Chinese food” in America bears little resemblance!


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