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Live To 100 By Following These Simple Health Hacks

Eating a balanced diet and remaining physically active is key to living a long, healthy life. Although pre-existing medical conditions and other health risks can affect a person’s longevity, individuals can implement easy lifestyle changes to enhance their health and live longer.

These health hacks are simple and only require small lifestyle changes, allowing you to live healthy and happy well past 100 years old. These are sure to change your outlook on becoming a centenarian!

1. Adopt A Pet To Stay Active

Adopting a dog can add years to your lifespan by keeping you moving and lowering your risk of developing heart disease.

“Dog owners are who walk their dogs are more likely to meet recommendations for daily physical activity,” said Eric A. Goedereis, Ph.D. and professor at Missouri’s Webster University. 

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2. Catch Up On Much-Needed Rest

Although sleep may be on the bottom of your life’s priorities, it is crucial when it comes to the upkeep of your general health. It turns out that the average American is getting an hour less than the daily recommended amount of sleep, and this is taking a toll on the body’s ability to recharge and repair.

Aim for seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night!

3. Nourish Your Mind And Body

Consuming foods that help to fuel and heal your body will lengthen your lifespan significantly. Individuals that follow the MIND diet—which involves eating vegetables, grains, and fish while avoiding red meat—has been proven to reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, according to the CDC. Selecting healthy food options can protect your livelihood and keep you looking and feeling young.

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4. Poor Dental Hygiene Can Be Detrimental

Your dentist isn’t just being a pain when they pressure you to continue to floss. Flossing your teeth does a lot more than prevent excessive plaque, and making it a regular routine can prevent the spread of bacteria, decrease inflammation, and even prevent you from developing heart disease or suffering a stroke.

Maintaining a regular relationship with your floss can add six years to your life—so be sure to get between those gums!

5. Take An Occasional Getaway

From work to finances, everyday life can produce a certain amount of stress. Opting to take a vacation every so often can help you to unwind and reduce anxiety.

Not taking time out to decompress can increase your chances of a heart attack by eight times, so it’s vital to take a trip when you are able.

6. Having A Hobby Promotes Good Health

Cultivating a favorite past time—such as organizing a book club or meeting friends at a dog park with your pets weekly—can really help you stay on top of your health. Participating in something you love can bring you happiness and reduce stress, adding around two years to your life.

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7. Break A Sweat Regularly

Don’t be afraid to intensify your workout activity every now and again.

Incorporating some form of high-intensity exercise into your routine can help you live longer, and recent studies have shown that middle-aged and older individuals that break a sweat while exercising reduce their risk of death by an entire 13 percent, compared to those who kept their activity light.

8. Reconnect With Old Friends

Remaining social throughout your life is key to keeping up your mental health.

“People with stronger social relationships have a 50% greater chance of continued living as compared to those with weaker relationships,” revealed Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., a psychologist and author.

Simply catching up with a phone call or meeting for a quick lunch can help you remain connected to the people you care about.

9. Never Skimp On Intimacy

Staying active in the bedroom does more than keep you connected to your partner. Sexual intercourse helps relieve stress and allows your brain to release hormones like oxytocin to make you feel amazing and invigorated. Keeping busy in the bedroom can also add three to five years to your life, so don’t hesitate!

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10. Finding Your Purpose Is Crucial

Although you can be faced with hard times throughout the course of your life, having a core belief in why you are here can uplift you and allow you to live every day with intention.

A study that followed 136,000 people within the United States and Japan for a time period of seven years found that those who believed they had a purpose in life had a 20% lower risk of death than those who didn’t live with direct meaning.

11. About That Glass Of Chardonnay

If you choose to unwind with a glass of wine each evening, you’re on the right track to a long, healthy life. Sipping on a half a glass or less of wine per day can lead to a decreased chance of death by cardiovascular disease.

The consumption of wine at age 50 increased an individual’s life expectancy, and a serving of wine is connected to a 34% decrease in death by cardiovascular causes.

12. Give Back To Your Community

Volunteering can have an immensely positive effect on your wellbeing. Studies have shown that people that take the time to help within their communities face a 20% lower risk of fatality compared to those who do not volunteer. 

A study also found that retired individuals who volunteer for around 200 hours per year are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure!

13. It’s Okay To Go A Little Nuts

Regularly consuming a healthy portion of nuts can help you live longer. A study performed on people aged 55 to 90 proved that people who regularly enjoy a serving of nuts were more likely to be slimmer—they face a 39% lower risk of fatality, too!

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14. Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Is Benefiting Your Body

Enjoying your daily espresso in moderation can help your body in multiple ways. It can lower your chances of developing diabetes, and it is even proven to reduce depression in women.

Keep your daily coffee intake to under four cups to reap the benefits of this beloved beverage! Just another reason to pour another cup of joe.

15. Develop A Green Thumb

Growing a garden is a common characteristic among those who live well past 100 years of age. You can grow your own produce while lowering your stress and anxiety levels.

Both your mental and physical health will greatly benefit from watching your garden grow, and reaping what you sow is a definite plus!


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