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The 13 Best Hip Opener Exercises Ever

Feeling like your hips have been wound up a bit too tight lately? We’ve all been there, feeling those niggles in our back or struggling to enjoy our favorite activities. But hey, I’ve got your back with some super comforting hip stretches that’ll have you saying goodbye to stiffness in no time.

Why Are My Hips So Grumpy?

Ever wonder why your hips decide to act like they’re on a tight schedule? It could be anything from sitting a tad too much, a core that’s taking a bit too much of a siesta, to legs that need a pep talk. And if you’ve ever pulled something or sat down wrong, your hips will remember that. They’re a bit like elephants in that way.

More Than Just Joints

When my clients come in with that “ouch, my back!” look, we often take a detour to Hip City. That’s because your hips and back are neighbors in Pain Town when things aren’t balanced. Strengthening and stretching those hip muscles can really turn things around for your pelvis, back, and legs.

13 Hip Openers for Happy Hips

I’ll guide you through a mix of stretches that’ll have your hips doing a happy dance. Don’t worry about doing them all at once; pick a couple to start and see how you feel. Ready for a mini-vacation for your hips? Let’s dive in!

  1. Windshield Wipers | Repeat 30 Seconds Imagine your knees are windshield wipers sweeping away all that hip tightness. Sit with your feet apart and gently drop your knees side to side. It’s like giving your hips a soft wake-up nudge.
  2. Seated Criss-Cross | Hold 3 Breaths Per Side Cross your legs and lean over them like you’re searching for a lost treasure on the floor. This stretch whispers sweet nothings to your hips.
  3. Shin Hugs | Hold 6 Breaths, 3x Per Side Lie back and hug one knee at a time, like it’s your long-lost friend. This gets right into that piriformis muscle, helping keep sciatica at bay.
  4. Reclining Pigeon | Hold 30 Seconds A gentler take on the classic pigeon, perfect for those of us with grumbly knees or backs. It’s like giving your hips a cozy blanket.
  5. Runner’s Lunge | Hold 5 Breaths Per Side Step into a lunge and feel that glorious stretch through your hips. It’s like stepping into a more flexible future.
  6. Twisted Lunge | Hold 5 Breaths Per Side Find yourself in a lunge and then add a twist, reaching one arm up to the sky. It’s like ringing out the stress from your hips and spine, leaving you feeling refreshed and limber.
  7. Seated Figure Four | Hold 30 Seconds Per Side Sitting down, cross one ankle over the opposite knee and lean forward. It’s like opening a book to your favorite chapter, finding new depths in the stretch each time.
  8. Down Dog | Hold 5 Breaths, 3x Push up into that inverted V shape, feeling the stretch down your legs and through your hips. Imagine pressing the day’s worries away, creating space in your body and mind.
  9. Three-Legged Dog | Hold 5 Breaths Per Side From your Down Dog, lift a leg up to the sky, bending at the knee. It’s a playful stretch, inviting a lightness into your practice and a stretch across the front of your hips.
  10. Natural Flat-Footed Squat (Modified) | Hold 60 Seconds Drop into a deep squat, letting your hips open wide. If your heels don’t touch down, no worries—imagine there’s a little cushion under them. It’s a return to a natural resting position, grounding and centering.
  11. Pigeon | Hold 30 Seconds Per Side Slide into a Pigeon, with one leg folded in front and the other extended behind. It’s like settling into a cozy nook, finding peace and a deep stretch in the stillness.
  12. Camel Pose | Hold 5 Breaths Kneel and reach back, opening your heart to the sky. It’s a bold stretch, reminding you of your strength and the openness of your heart.
  13. Frog | Hold 60 Seconds Come down to your hands and knees, then widen your knees as far as you’re comfortable. It’s an intense stretch, like exploring the edges of your comfort zone, gently expanding the space you occupy in the world.

Visualize these stretches bringing a symphony of relief and strength to your hips, with each one a note in a melody that sings of greater mobility and less discomfort. Remember, these movements are invitations to explore what feels good for you today, with each stretch a step toward a more limber, joyful self.

Let your imagination paint the pictures of these stretches, filling in the colors and sensations of ease and openness. Each one is a small act of kindness you can offer to your body, a way to reconnect and take care of yourself.

Each one is a step on the path to more joyful movement and less “ouch” in your day.

A Friendly Reminder:

Your body’s a bit like a garden; it needs regular tending to flourish. These hip openers are like sunlight and water for your hips. A little bit every day can lead to a garden of flexibility and strength. So, why not give them a try and see how your garden grows?

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