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The Caffeine + Dementia Link


We all face a higher risk of dementia as we age, regardless of how healthy we are. It’s expected to impact low and middle income households the most–with the majority of that affecting Asians.

Here’s a quick trick for reducing your risk.

In a study led by Indiana University researchers, they found that caffeine boosted an enzyme in the brain shown to have a protective effect against dementia.

Called NMNAT2, caffeine was shown to enhance its production in the brain, protecting the brain against neurodegenerative damage often associated with dementia.

Now that’s a good reason to get your caffeine fix.

How to Enjoy

Beverages such as tea and coffee help provide healthy sources of caffeine for the brain, which health experts often recommend.

Adding this gradually, but not suddenly, can help the brain become acclimated to its effects.

Both coffee and tea also contain compounds that may help reduce the risk of other health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.

It may also prevent free radical damage, rumored to be a precursor to cancer.

Of course, make sure to speak with your doctor before starting a caffeine regimen, as it may interact with certain medications or diseases.