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This Weird Seed Oil Kills Stress

Feeling stressed out? 

Don’t sweat it: Here’s a surprising new treatment that naturally melts away stress, yet few people know of it.

The Magic of Caraway Oil

Originating in Asia Minor, caraway oil is world renown for its healing properties.

Used as a massage oil, it gently warms up the skin, alleviating stress, and in turn, some mild aches and pains.

Some naturopaths even claim it can help with mental fatigue, as its aromatic properties are naturally soothing.

Research also shows it can help with several health problems.

For instance, a 1999 study published in Drug Research shows that mixing caraway oil with peppermint helps ease indigestion, a common ailment for people over 40.

But we recommend caraway oil for anyone suffering from mild stress, due to its incredibly rejuvenating properties when massaged into the skin.


Because, as evidence shows, it’s naturally warming and soothing–the perfect way to naturally destress after a bad day.

To get your hands on it, check online health food stores.