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What Coffee Does To Your Body

Many people shun coffee thinking it’s unhealthy for them but that isn’t actually the case! You can actually enjoy coffee guilt-free.

That said, keep in mind we are talking about black coffee here.

If you get one of those fancy gourmet coffee beverages from your local coffee house, you could easily be taking in 500+ calories and over 30 grams of sugar.

Simple is best.

Here’s how coffee can help you daily:

• May actually help to boost insulin sensitivity and improve blood glucose control

• Causes a slight increase in your resting metabolic rate, making weight control easier

• Improves cognitive alertness

• Improves exercise performance

• Can help to increase the rate of fat burning taking place in the body

• May help to lower your risk factor for type 2 diabetes

• Could help you avoid suffering from liver disease

It’s clear that coffee can be a great thing for your health!

You do want to keep your total intake under control though, especially later in the day otherwise the caffeine from the coffee could cause you to miss out on the precious sleep you need for a variety of bodily functions essential to fat loss and good health.

Try going with a couple cups per day, with your last cup no more than 4 hours or so before bed.