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1 mineral that kills cravings


They are an unwelcome evil. Cravings can undo your hard work in a matter of minutes leaving you shattered in the corner of your bedroom holding the chocolate stained sticks of your favorite Haagen-Dazs toffee chocolate ice-cream bar.

We all get them, and we all want to avoid them.

The important questions however are why do we get them, and how can we control them?

Well, it is actually pretty scientific and when you know why you’re craving something, you will have the ability to it before it gets the better of you.

A craving for something sweet or savory can play serious mind games with you when you are working toward achieving a goal. They have the ability to occupy every thought, and create a massive amount of guilt which can completely sabotage all of your efforts.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be covering some of the most common cravings, and what you are lacking in your nutritional intake which is causing them.

I will offer you a few quick antidotes to crush your cravings and continue on your path to success.

The Nemesis of the Female Species

Let’s examine our love affair with chocolate.

Quite likely the most common craving among women. As a woman I, just like you, have battled this beast head on and I win…almost all of the time. Well we aren’t perfect but here are some solutions for you.

Chocolate cravings arise when you are low in Magnesium.

Solution : To combat the lack of Magnesium, eat plenty of raw nuts, legumes and fruit.

Chocolate cravings are also connected to a lack in Chromium.

Solution : To combat the lack of Chromium, eat plenty of broccoli, grapes and chicken.

Chocolate cravings are also , lastly a result of a lack in Carbon.

Solution : To combat the lack of Carbon, simply enjoy some fresh fruit.

There you have it, three easy, tasty and healthy solutions for the profoundly wicked Chocolate Craving working hard to undo everything you are working so diligently at achieving.

If you are going to indulge in your chocolate craving, do yourself a favor and pick a nice high quality high percentage dark chocolate and if you want to add some flavor you can add a small portion of chilled coconut oil and eat them together. Your heart will thank you.

Chasing The Dragon

You have felt it. Every molecule in your body screaming. An ache you can feel in your bones as the sweet lure of sugar beckons you.

Sugar is a very addictive substance and once in the body, our entire system begins it’s journey down a pot hole filled road of spiked insulin, fat storage, slowed metabolism, mood swings as well as the immediate addictive response to want more.

It is natural for you to feel the “need” for more sugar once you have already consumed it’s magical delight.

You can fight that need and rid your body of the toxin and eliminate its destructive grip on you. You will experience cravings, often due to a nutrient deficiency. Here are some ways you can fight the demon sugar.

If you find yourself craving the sugary food and sweets you could be low in Phosphorous.

Phosphorous can be found in chicken, beef, fish, eggs , dairy, legumes and whole grains.

Sugar cravings are also attributed to a lack in Sulphur levels.

Sulphur is found in cranberries, horseradish, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.

Another nutrient deficiency causing sugar cravings is in Tryptophan.

Tryptophan is found in turkey, cheese, lamb, liver, raisins, sweet potato and spinach.

So the next time you are craving that sugary treat, instead try a small bowl of quinoa, cabbage and broccoli over a bed of fresh spinach.

You have the power within you to control your cravings so you can prevent them from undermining your path to getting results in your nutrition and training programs.


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