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Cardiologist Alert: Take Naps

We’re all familiar with the dreaded afternoon energy slump, something which increases as we age.

Few of us use this time to nap, however, opting for energy aids instead, such as coffee or an energy stimulant.

But you’re making a big mistake if you’re not getting some shut eye, according to new findings from Greece–here’s why.

Why You Should Nap

New research reported at the American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session reveals something amazing about napping that, until recently, nobody knew about.

In the study, researchers studied participants who got (or did not get) at least a 60 minute afternoon nap.

Measuring their blood pressure, they found that these people, on average, saw a 5.3 mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure, rivaling the effects of blood pressure medications.

In addition, getting an additional 60 minutes of sleep resulted in even lower readings, decreasing their blood pressure by 3 mmHg.

These are incredible results, and strengthen the need for older adults to get enough sleep.

Just a simple 60 minute nap could make a massive difference in your blood pressure readings.

You’ll notice higher energy levels too, as napping is a great (and natural) way to stay energized!