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3 Ways To Soothe Chronic Pain Naturally


Pain seems to affect so many of us–even on a chronic scale once we hit our 50s.

But there are a few ways to alleviate it naturally, without the use of over-the-counter drugs.

For one thing, try holding hands with your partner.

In a study by University of Colorado researchers, people who held hands with their partner felt less pain due to the way their brain waves synced up.

The more empathy a partner felt towards their partner also increased its pain relief ability.

There’s also a simpler trick: Getting more sleep.

Research shows that people suffering from chronic pain usually have trouble getting enough sleep, which in turn increases pain sensitivity.

On the contrary, reducing fatigue due to sleep loss could also help.

In the same study, increasing the intake of caffeine, a central nervous stimulant from healthy foods like coffee, also made it easier to cope with pain by boosting dopamine circuits in the brain.

So if you’re feeling achy, try these tricks first–they could be a well needed pick me up!