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Check Yourself For This Weird Warning Sign Of Heart Disease

Here is one weird way men can figure out if they are at risk of heart disease.

To determine your risk, simply look at how many gray hairs you have–the more you have, the higher your risk, allege researchers.

In a study reported by the European Society of Cardiology, men who had a high hair whitening score–defined as having 50 percent gray hair coverage or more–were much more likely to develop coronary artery disease, the most common form of heart disease.

This occurred regardless of their actual age, so in theory, a man in his 90s with few gray hairs wouldn’t be as likely to develop heart disease.

A man in his 50s with completely white hair would have a significantly higher risk, however.

But why? 

Researchers say that hair graying could indicate our true biological age, acting as a warning sign that our heath is about to decline.

What You Should Do

If you notice your hair is starting to turn white–or perhaps you went through the process long ago–now is the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment to get checked for heart disease.

Incorporating healthy lifestyle habits is also important for minimizing your risk; while white hair may indicate a higher risk of the disease, it does not mean it is unavoidable.


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