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Dirty Air Warning

Here’s a scary thought:

The air you breathe could contribute to your diabetes risk.

Researchers say even low levels of air pollution could heighten your risk of this disease.

As reported in The Lancet Planetary Health, researchers believe air pollution reduces insulin production, triggering inflammation.

When this occurs, the body is less able to convert blood sugar into energy, weakening a person’s overall health–and increasing their risk of type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, the government isn’t likely to improve this in the meanwhile, as it is working to loosen current air pollution regulations.

So what can you do to reduce this risk?

– Steer clear of heavy traffic

Your exposure to air pollution increases dramatically in areas where heavy traffic is common.

To reduce your exposure, opt for alternative routes instead of traveling through busy areas.

– Wear a dust mask outside

Paper masks that fit over your nose and mouth are much more effective at filtering out contaminants in the air.

Cloth masks, however, are ineffective and should never be used.

– Invest in an air purifier

Home air purifiers have been associated with better health outcomes, which scientists suggest may be correlated with a healthier air environment.

Unfortunately, its effects only help keep your home free of air pollution.

Still, it’s worth making the investment if you’re at risk of diabetes.

Every step matters!