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These 2 Fruits Will Make You Live Longer

For centuries, people have sought out the fountain of youth, to no avail.

In modern times, however, scientists are inching closer to reversing the process of aging–and helping you live longer too.

New research just emerging from the Mayo Clinic shows how.

In the study, researchers experimented on aging mice, testing 10 different flavonoids on them.

Flavonoids are types of natural chemicals bearing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are believed to halt the aging process.

One flavonoid they studied in particular was fistein, which naturally occurs in apples and strawberries.

They found that when exposed to this chemical, it reduced the amount of senescent cells present–that is, cells in the body that can no longer multiply.

The upside to this? 

A longer lifespan.

As a caveat, however, researchers stress further research is needed.

Don’t shy away from getting your fill of fruits, however; even if it isn’t the fountain of youth, eating more fruits has been associated with a longer, healthier life.

So eat up!