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Do This To Avoid Hazardous Chemicals In Your Food

Here’s one easy way to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals: Stop dining out.

This could reduce your exposure to phthalates, a potentially hazard chemical commonly found in cosmetics and other consumer products, according to George Washington University researchers.

In a 2018 study, they found that consuming certain food items made in fast food and fine dining restaurants, such as cheeseburgers and sandwiches, led to a 30 percent increase in phthalate exposure. This occurred regardless of the person’s age, gender, or any other health risk factors.

Worse yet? This occurred after just dining out once. People who regularly consumed food outside of the home faced an even higher risk of phthalate exposure.

So what can you do to minimize your risk?

  • Avoid eating sandwiches, especially if they are pre-wrapped in plastic or paper. They contain the highest amount of chemicals, and the plastic or paper residue can also increase chemical exposure.
  • Limit your intake of take out products and fast food. This usually come into contact with phthalate-carrying agents, such as food processing equipment and plastic wrapping.
  • Choose to eat home cooked meals instead. Your phthalate exposure significantly decreases if you eat food prepared at home, and it’s healthier overall too.

Remember, it’s better safe than sorry–and these tips could also improve your heart health and keep your waist trim too!