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Lifestyle Tips For Potentially Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes—also known as adult onset diabetes—is when the body no longer produces enough insulin or the body begins to resist it. This condition may result in excessive hunger, thirst, urination, or blurred vision, and it affects over three million Americans. 

Adult onset diabetes is completely preventable and even reversible, and incorporating these small changes in your daily life can show big results in your health!

1. Make Fish A Major Diet Staple

Wild-caught fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which work to reduce inflammation throughout your body and reverse some of the effects of elevated glucose levels you may experience. The following lifestyle change will have you ditching the sweet stuff for a healthier life, and you can permanently reverse your type 2 diabetes!

2. Avoid All Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is found in the majority of popular foods—such as cookies, bread, and cereal—and it negatively affects your blood sugar in the worst of ways. Eating these foods spikes your blood sugar tremendously, so it’s best to avoid any snacks that contain refined sugar to keep control of your blood glucose.

3. Quit Counting All Of Your Calories

Most people think that maintaining a healthy diet involves counting every single calorie, but it is more about choosing quality, nutritious foods. Filling up on healthy fats and protein is more important than depriving yourself of calories. The following lifestyle change is sure to have you—and your blood sugar—super balanced!

4. Snack On Low Glycemic Foods

High glycemic foods can cause your blood sugar to spike, so when you start to feel hungry, it’s important to reach for something that will keep you level. Avocado, coconut, nuts, and seeds are some foods that will keep your blood sugar stable. Consume more low glycemic foods to get your blood sugar on the right track!

5. Abstain From Alcohol Consumption

Booze—especially sugary cocktails and beer—can cause blood sugar to spike to dangerous levels, while also negatively impacting your liver. These beverages are loaded with carbohydrates, which is dangerous to anyone with type 2 diabetes. Choose sobriety to greatly impact your blood sugar and improve your condition drastically.

The following lifestyle tip will keep you full for a longer time.

6. Choose Healthy Fats To Keep You Full

Consuming refined carbs to keep you energized will only result in your blood sugar going haywire. Munch on healthy fats, such as hummus, nuts, or olives, and you will stay full for a longer period of time. Healthy fats will also keep your blood sugar under control, which can turn your type 2 diabetes around!

7. Make Sitting At The Kitchen Table A Priority

Many people enjoy their meals while watching their favorite television show, but this may cause you to overeat. Choose to eat at the kitchen table in order to be fully mindful of what you are eating. You will consume fewer calories and stop eating when you are full! This will keep your blood sugar stabilized and your body feeling balanced.

8. Rev Up Your Fiber Intake

A diet high in fiber can help the body slow down the process of absorbing glucose, which can prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes. Consume berries, vegetables, and seeds to increase your fiber intake, and try to consume 30 grams of fiber per day. The next lifestyle tip will have you added more green to your meals!

9. Up Your Chromium Intake To Achieve Balance

Food high in chromium—such as broccoli, green beans, and raw cheese—can help to balance your blood sugar levels. Consuming these foods is a natural way to reverse your type 2 diabetes. Broccoli packs the biggest chromium punch, so feel free to add more of this green veggie to your plate every chance you get!

10. Packaged Food Is A Blood Sugar Nightmare

Packaged foods and GMO foods have been found to cause liver disease, kidney disease, and the onset of diabetes. It’s best to eat your food in its most natural state—including lean protein, fruit, vegetables, and other low-sugar snacks. The next lifestyle tip will have you rethinking your favorite pasta dinner!

11. Give Up Foods That Contain Gluten

Gluten—found in wheat, barley, and rye products—causes the body to become inflamed and blood sugar levels to spike. Removing grains from your daily diet can help to keep your blood sugar levels stable and help your body properly heal. Gluten-free is the way to go to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes!

12. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Beverages such as fruit juice and soda are loaded with added sugar, which sends your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster ride. Opt to hydrate with water, or wake up to a cup of coffee or tea in order to avoid sabotaging your blood sugar. The following lifestyle change will add something tasty to your daily routine!

13. Sprinkle Cinnamon On Your Food

Consuming cinnamon every day can drastically improve your blood sugar levels. Aim to eat around two teaspoons of this spice daily to keep your blood sugar balanced. Add it to coffee, a breakfast smoothie, or your food to take advantage of this spice’s blood sugar benefits and make your meals more flavorful!

14. Walk For Daily Blood Sugar Balance

Taking a 20-30 minute walk every day can increase your metabolism and help your body to fight insulin sensitivity. Go for a walk after your evening meal to help make the most of your exercise. The next life tip is bound to have you building muscle and feeling great!

15. Lift Weights For Strength And Balance

Strength training is extremely beneficial to your entire body, including your blood sugar levels. Lifting light weights allows you to speed up your metabolism, build muscle, and balance out your blood sugar. Consult with your primary doctor before starting any weight lifting program. A strength training routine can do wonders for your overall health, including your type 2 diabetes!


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