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These Seemingly Innocent Symptoms May Signal Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck that is responsible for hormones that directly affect a person’s metabolism, digestive system, brain, and heart. Thyroid cancer can be devastating to a person’s entire body, making it crucial to receive a diagnosis in the early stages.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may be in the beginning stages of thyroid cancer!

1. Your Heart Rate Has Suddenly Shifted

If you notice that your heart is beating slower or faster than normal, your thyroid gland may be the cause. Since thyroid hormones directly affect the heart, a change in its rhythm could point to the beginnings of thyroid cancer. Never ignore the following symptom, no matter how innocent it may seem!

2. A Persistent Cough Without A Cold

If you can’t shake a cough but you don’t show any other signs of being sick, thyroid cancer can be to blame. The beginning stages of thyroid cancer can reveal a persistent cough that won’t let up. Contact your doctor if your cough won’t go away and you have no other symptoms of the common cold. 

3. Swelling Of The Neck

If you notice that your neck looks a lot fuller than usual, you may have something going on with your thyroid gland. Neck swelling is a direct indicator of early thyroid cancer. See your physician if your notice swelling at the base of your throat.

The next symptom will have your skin feeling rough!

4. Your Skin Is Super Dried Out

Excessive dryness of the skin can be directly connected a problem in the thyroid. If the quality of your skin suddenly changes, it could be due to the slowing down of your metabolism, which is due to thyroid malfunction. See your doctor if you feel your dry skin is due to your thyroid!

5. It Has Become Hard To Swallow

If you have noticed that eating or talking has become especially hard due to your inability to swallow, you should contact your doctor immediately. Difficulty or pain while swallowing can be a sign of cancer of the thyroid gland, and an early diagnosis is vital to be properly treated for this condition!

6. A Lump Forming In The Neck

Feeling a lump at the base of your neck can be very concerning, and it could be a definite sign of thyroid cancer. The lump may grow rather quickly, so it’s important to seek medical attention to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. The following symptom may be more than just fatigue!

7. Your Mind Is Unusually Foggy

We all have trouble concentrating from time to time—especially when you are suffering from lack of sleep or just general exhaustion—but if you notice it has become impossible to focus, you may want to check your thyroid. The inability to concentrate without any distinct cause can signal thyroid cancer. 

8. Your Voice Is Permanently Hoarse

If you have noticed that your voice has become rather hoarse and it’s not going back to normal, your thyroid may be the culprit. One of the initial symptoms of thyroid cancer is a hoarse voice despite not being sick. Call your physician if your voice changes unexplainably—the problem may lie in your thyroid gland!

9. It’s Harder To Catch Your Breath

Anytime you have trouble breathing is a cause for concern, and thyroid cancer may be the main cause. Seek medical attention immediately if you find it hard to breathe, and make sure to have your thyroid gland examined for any issues.

The following symptom will have you staring at the scale!

10. An Unexplained Change In Weight

Noticing the bathroom scale budging without any effort may seem weird, but it could spell out a serious thyroid condition. One of the symptoms of thyroid cancer is gaining or losing weight for no reason. If you notice your clothes fitting differently without changing your diet or activities, call your doctor!


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