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Swap Carbs With This Fatty Treat To Crush Hunger Fast

Having trouble with hunger pangs?

Here’s an easy fix: Replace carbohydrates with avocados. New findings show that its unique mixture of fiber and fatty acids enhance satiety, reducing the urge to snack.

It’s no secret that Americans usually love eating carbohydrate-rich breakfasts, such as bagels, oatmeal, and hash browns (to name a few). Carbohydrates alone won’t keep you satiated for long, however, especially if these foods lack enough fiber.

In addition, fat helps increase fullness, something which avocados are rich in.

A study published in Nutrients examined this in detail. By giving participants a breakfast containing avocados, they found that it greatly reduced hunger-

-and stopped them from splurging later on.

If you’re struggling to eat fewer calories too, then this too could work just as fast.

To enjoy, try serving sliced avocado with a nutrient-rich breakfast, such as eggs with vegetables or oatmeal. The combination of fiber, fat, and other nutrients will provide the perfect energy boost to keep you active–but full–for up to several hours.


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