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This Ancient Chinese Practice Can Fix Pain Fast

We all experience some sort of back pain during our lifetime.

For some of us, the pain is chronic, affecting our ability to live an independent lifestyle.

But what if someone told you that there was a simple way to stop back pain–and it didn’t include surgery or expensive chiropractic treatments?

Well, here’s ONE solution you need to check out.

The Power of Acupressure

Based on the Chinese practice of acupuncture, acupressure doesn’t involve poking needles into your skin (good news if you have a needle phobia).

Instead, a acupressure practitioner presses and massages certain points of your body.

This, according to practitioners, clears blockages, allowing your body’s life energy to flow freely.

Naturally, this practice is wrought with skepticism. However, research proves this isn’t just the placebo effect in action.

Here’s the proof:

In a scientific review involving 25 randomized controlled trials, it did provided consistent short-term back pain relief.

People who experienced either acute or chronic lower back pain experienced some pain relief, though its long-term effects were not consistent.

– It may be more effective combined with essential oils. In one study, people with chronic pain who underwent acupressure combining the use of essential oils, such as lavender and peppermint, experienced significantly less pain.

It was markedly less effective for those who skipped the use of essential oils.

However there is a caveat:

If your back pain is caused by something severe, such as a herniated disc, it won’t fix it.

It can, however, help minimize pain that many people experience. If you’d like to live a more pain-free life, give this a go–it could make a major difference!


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