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What Cashews Really Do To Your Body


Almonds tend to get all the attention, but cashews are just as good.  And, they also have a much bolder flavor as well.

What cashews do for your body:

  • They are an excellent source of heart-healthy fats
  • They’re loaded with copper, containing 98% of your total daily intake per quarter cup serving. Copper is important for helping with the utilization of iron in the body, helping with developing bone and connective tissue, as well as for the production of the pigment that colors the hair and skin – melanin.
  • They’ll combat hunger in a hurry – because they contain no sugar and such a high level of healthy fats, they’ll stabilize blood glucose levels and keep you on an even keel until your next meal
  • They’re a good source of zinc, which is important for the generation of testosterone in the body
  • They contain a good dose of magnesium, which is important for promoting stronger bones and regulating nerve and muscle tone.
  • They may help to prevent gallstones when consumed on a regular basis
  • Despite their high calorie content, they may help you better control your bodyweight. No doubt in thanks to their satiating benefits.

It’s official… eat more cashews and your body will love you for it!


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