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What Cheese Does To Your Body

If you’re one of the many who are confused about whether or not cheese can be part of a healthy and slimming diet plan… well, I don’t blame you!

The truth is that cheese in moderation can be a perfectly healthy thing for most. The fact is, cheese does come packed with solid nutrients even though it is calorie dense.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with calories. They are simply a unit of energy. Too much energy intake, however, will pretty much kill most of your health and weight loss goals. To avoid this, simply enjoy nutrient dense, but calorie heavy foods like cheese in moderation.

Some of the benefits of cheese include:

  • Fantastic source of calcium
  • Provides a nice balance between protein and dietary fats
  • Is virtually carb-free
  • Works well with many different foods
  • Is available in a reduced fat variety (lowers calories)
  • Can help to curb your hunger thanks to the high protein-fat combination
  • May help promote stronger bones
  • Is better tolerated by most people than milk is

There are many different types of cheeses out there, with cottage cheese being my personal fave… and also one of the healthiest due to its high protein, low fat dynamic duo. Whichever cheese is your favorite variety, rest assured that you can enjoy it as part of your regular healthy eating plan.


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