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What Sitting Does To Your Memory


Being a couch potato benefits nobody. Here’s yet another reason why you shouldn’t veg out on the couch.

In a recent University of California study, researchers found that people between 45 to 75 who engaged in sedentary behavior, such as sitting down, were more likely to have thinner areas in their medial temporal lobe, or MTL. This is a brain region critical for forming new memories.

This means the longer you sit down, the more likely it could affect your memory–and even increase cognitive decline.

Will Exercise Help?

Commonly, when people live a sedentary lifestyle, they try to make up for it with short bouts of exercise. They assume that, naturally, this offsets the ill effects of inactivity.

Unfortunately, that won’t work here. According to the research, this still led to thinning of the MTL, so there isn’t a way to “make up” for sedentary behavior.

Bottom line? If you want a sharper, healthier brain, sedentary behavior is a big no no. Living a more active lifestyle, instead of simply exercising, is the best way to keep your cognitive abilities sharp.