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Lower Your Thyroid Cancer Risk By Avoiding These 15 Common Items

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located at the base of your neck, and it is responsible for releasing hormones that affect development, metabolic rate, and the overall function of major organs in the body. Thyroid cancer, while rare, dramatically affects a person’s well-being.

These everyday things may increase your chances of developing thyroid cancer. Your current lifestyle may include several of these threats!

1. Leafy Greens Can Exacerbate Thyroid Issues

Popular health foods such as kale, lettuce, and broccoli can have some seriously negative effects on your thyroid health. These leafy foods are high in goitrogens, which can cause your thyroid to swell and your hormones to go out of control—especially in women.

The following slide will have you rethinking your home décor, too…

2. Scented Candles May Ignite Hormonal Damage

Although you may enjoy lighting a candle for a nice ambiance in your home, your favorite scent may be damaging your thyroid gland. The toxic ingredients that help to provide the fragrance have been linked to thyroid disruption and can contribute to a hormonal imbalance.

Be wary of what chemicals you are breathing in within your home—especially when it comes to artificial fragrances.

3. Your Household Furniture Could Be Harming Your Thyroid

A type of flame retardant called polybrominated diphenyl ethers is used in furniture and electronics to prevent fires. It’s also been linked to the development of thyroid cancer. These chemicals leak into the air from our household items and enter our bodies, which can lead to the disruption of the thyroid.

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4. Fast Food Wrappers Are Toxic To Your Thyroid

Fast food should be avoided for your overall health, but studies have now found that fast food wrappers themselves can lead to kidney, testicular, and thyroid cancer. During a study, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (substances that can lead to thyroid problems) were found in 38% of sandwich wrappers and 20% of paperboard used for fries.

Avoid fast food to prevent any unnecessary damage to your thyroid gland!

5. The Way You Do Laundry Could Have An Impact On Your Thyroid

Chlorine bleach, which is found in the majority of laundry whiteners, mold remover, and toilet bowl cleaner, is effective at killing bacteria—but it comes with consequences. Exposing your skin to this chemical and even breathing in the fumes can be detrimental to your thyroid and cause dysfunction.

Look into more natural ways of whitening your clothes, like plain vinegar, to stay safe.

6. Tending To Your Garden Can Lead To Thyroid Dysfunction

If you enjoy taking care of your yard or keeping a garden tidy, your use of pesticides can be changing the state of your thyroid gland. Coming into contact with pesticides can cause disruption of the thyroid, and a study has proven that 60% of pesticides can cause distinct changes in a person’s thyroid.

You may need to become more eco-conscious for thyroid health!

7. Plastic Is Toxic To Your Thyroid Gland

Antimony, a chemical that plastic bottles exude, can cause serious damage to your thyroid. A study out of Denmark revealed that antimony is especially evident in fruit juice bottles, with the chemical level being 2.5 times higher than safe drinking levels. Ditch those plastic bottles for optimal thyroid health!

8. Hand Sanitizer Is Not Entirely Safe

Keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or on your desk is a convenient way to get rid of germs, but this useful product can cause harm to your thyroid gland. According to a recent study, the chemicals in hand sanitizer may triple your chances of developing thyroid cancer.

The biocide chemicals in hand sanitizer are known to disrupt your hormones, so it might be best to forgo this method of removing germs.

9. Cleaning Your Teeth Can Directly Affect Your Thyroid

Many of the most popular brands of toothpaste contain triclosan, an ingredient that has serious hormonal consequences. Triclosan can affect your body’s levels of estrogen and testosterone while negatively affecting your thyroid gland’s efficiency.

Choose an all-natural toothpaste and read the label, too, to ensure that you are not negatively impacting your thyroid.

10. A Diet High In Dairy Can Damage Your Endocrine System

Dairy foods like milk, cheese, and butter can upset your thyroid. Cow’s milk is especially dangerous when it comes to thyroid health, and the consumption of milk can lead to the growth of hormone-related tumors. Avoiding dairy if you are at risk of thyroid cancer is crucial.

The next slide will have you flavoring your food differently.

11. Soy Sauce Does More Than Flavor Your Food

Soy sauce is a staple for many people when they are eating Asian cuisine or simply cooking their own fare at home, but it can be extremely damaging to your thyroid. This sauce contains goitrogens—those substances we mentioned earlier that prevent thyroid hormones from synthesizing.

Soy cause can negatively impact how your thyroid functions—so use it sparingly.

12. Rethink Your Food’s Fat Content

Consuming foods high in fat regularly can spell out trouble for your thyroid. A high-fat diet can cause your thyroid gland to stop producing hormone at capacity, and this can lead to major problems with various organs. Keep your diet low in fatty foods to truly avoid putting your thyroid in danger!

13. Your Daily Cocktail Can Make Your Hormone Levels Crazy

Alcohol consumption has a very direct effect on the thyroid’s ability to regulate hormones throughout the body as well as create hormones. Booze has a toxic effect on your thyroid, making it very dangerous for those with thyroid problems to consume. Cut out alcoholic beverages to protect your hormone health or drink in moderation.

14. Your Milk Alternative Could Be Sabotaging Your Thyroid Health

Soy milk seems like the perfect milk substitute for those choosing a plant-based lifestyle, but certain substances present in this dairy alternative can hinder the health of your thyroid. Substances called goitrogens affect the production of hormones within the thyroid, which can lead to the gland completely malfunctioning.

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15. Household Cleaners Can Lead To Thyroid Cancer

Chemical disinfectants, deodorizers, and sanitizers have been linked to the development of thyroid cancer, especially if you are surrounded by these chemicals in your workplace.

Being exposed to these cleansers on a daily basis can increase your chances of developing thyroid cancer by 65 percent. Repeated exposure to biocides can hinder your overall thyroid health.


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